Tanaka Shipbroker is an Indonesian company engaging in sales and purchase of second-hand ships, which are directly owned by ship owners from several countries such as Japan, and European (Sweden, Norway, and Greece).

Our company offers professional services for the procurement of all types of second-hand ships with the main focus being S&P and Chartering.

Our team’s main assets are experience, trust and professionalism in maintaining good relations with all parties involved in the process of vessels trading; both the direct seller of ships abroad and the buyers in Indonesia overseas.

Since its establishment in 2007, TANAKA Shipbroker has been involved in several ship procurement projects and has been trusted by our clients to facilitate the procurement of their fleet needs.


To be one of the National Shipbroker with International service standards and years of proven competence in service of buying and selling high quality second-hand ships, to meet all of our clients needs for fleet of vessels from abroad.